About Royal Blunts

Producing high-quality wraps since 1995

Royal Blunts is a Southern California Based company that is on the leading edge of new tobacco and smoking accessories. Established in 1995, Royal Blunts has been manufactured by New Image Global Inc., for over 2 decades, Royal Blunts has constantly pushed the boundaries with innovative products and flavors, taking the industry by storm.

Our lineup of products include:

  • EZ roll Single – The original single cigar wrap
  • XXL cigar wraps – Roll up to four with the XXL line
  • Mini Cigar Wraps – Classic mini’s for any occasion

And our newest addition to the Royal Family:

  • Hemparillo – Four pack of our go to Hemp Wraps
  • XXL Herbal Wraps – The classic XXL line now in Hemp!